Chinese tileset 1

Just some explanations. The two tileset on the top left serve many purposes in olden chinese times.

  • Serve as name tags for soldier and general
  • Can also used for players to accept new quest or mission

You can also use it on any purpose you like.

There are also some tiles that serve as shop in open space map. they are more laid back and relax and known as mobile shops from travelling merchants

click right on image below to save it.


This is a multi color fireworks animations.

It is suitable for most situation and cut scene or celebration or happy occasions in your game.

If you do not like the current colors for my fire works, you can try to set “hue” inside animation editor and change to the colors you like.

You can right click on the picture below and save it to your computer.

Terms and Conditions

I do not require credit for my tileset or animations.

You are free to make changes to my work.

You are not allowed to claim the tileset as your own creation.

I am not available for commission work at the moment.

The reason I put up my work for free to use is because I have previously wanted to make a rpg game but I struggle to get a game completed and I do not wish to release a bad game.

Hence, I gave up working on it so I might as well let people have access to the resources I made.

I am not sure if people will like my work, if you like my work, send me a kudos, if response it good. I will continue to release new resources every week.